It is my pleasure to greet you here at Cafe Osharak.


Hello, my name is Noune. I am an Armenian native, living in sunny Colorado, happily married to an Italian from New York. In my blog, you can find globally-inspired dishes, with an emphasis on Armenian and Italian cuisine. 

Most of the recipes are heirlooms of both our families that became staples and true favorites.  

Cafe Osharak is where I can be harmonious with myself, where I can write what I am passionate about, and what excites and completes me.

“Osharak” is Armenian word that means “the nectar of the fruit” typically known as a drink which is so refreshing and satisfying, energizing and colorful.wholesome ingredients,

My Food Philosophy: Celebration of life involves food and drink

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In all cultures, food-sharing has been one of the sacred ways of unifying and bonding people.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are center-most at our table. I am always excited to cook with fruits and vegetables packed with flavors and tons of nutrients. They provide the nectar of life that gives us energy, longevity, and true satisfaction.  

Food doesn’t have to be boring, nor does preparing the meal have to be a chore; it can be a creative and relaxing process. The more you cook, the more you discover freedom in working with the ingredients – ultimately finding yourself comfortable deviating from the recipe, and adapting it to your needs. Healthy vegetarian recipes are what I cook most of the time for my family.

I believe we eat with our eyes first; food presentation is an important key. With a good presentation, even the most humble food can be a shining star.

My Cooking Style

The food I make and write about is put together with love, it’s made from scratch with fresh and wholesome ingredients, and seasoned with an array of herbs and spices. 

Even though I don’t follow any particular diet path (whereas my family is all over the spectrum), I am more inclined towards Mediterranean food choices, where vegetarian dishes are paired with whole grains and legumes, occasional with fish and meat on the side.

Whether it’s a weeknight meal or a special occasion menu, I like to serve and style with visual appeal.

I am also a baker and love to express my passion through celebratory cakes, breads and fine pastries.

Follow me on my journey!