Stuffed Pumpkin

Cafe osharak 


Make this traditional Armenian stuffed pumpkin – Ghapama - for your next fall festivity. It is filled with goodies that fall provides.

INGREDIENTS 🎃 Pumpkin  🍎 Fresh Fruits 🍇 Dried Fruits  🥜 Nuts and Seeds  🍚 Rice  🍯 Honey  🧈 Butter

With the paring knife score the top of the pumpkin and cut it open. Save the top to use as a lid.


Scoop out the seeds. Generously apply the butter and honey inside the  pumpkin walls. 


Fill in with rice, fruit and nut mixture. Drizzle with honey and butter.


Carefully place the top back on and tightly cover it with foil.


Place the pumpkin in a rimmed oven-safe dish to catch the juices. Bake in a the oven for an hour.


Cut into wedges and serve as individual slices with a spoonful of rice filling.


Ghapama can be the star dish at your holiday celebrations like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Enjoy this stuffed pumpkin with your family and friends.

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