Authentic Creamy Hummus Dip

 Cafe osharak 

This creamy, authentic Hummus dip offers a delightfully smooth texture. Whether you're serving it with veggies, pita, or using it as a dip, this hummus recipe is a Middle Eastern classic.

  INGREDIENTS   •   Chickpeas   •   Tahini  🧄 Garlic  🍋 Lemon juice   •   Olive Oil   •   Seasoning 


Soaking the chickpeas 

Rinse the chickpeas and soak them in cold water overnight. 


Cooking the chickpeas 

Place the presoaked chickpeaas into a pot, add fresh cold water and cook until soft. 


Creaming the tahini

Whisk the tahini by adding  water and stirring with a spoon: until light and airy.


Making the dip

Puree the cooked beans. Add the garlic, lemon, and seasoning. Fold in the whipped tahini.

• Fresh Lemon Juice • 

• Drizzle Olive oil •

• Serve & Enjoy•

Serve hummus dip with pita, chips, fresh vegetables,  Use as spread on a bread.

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