Armenian Pakhlava

By Cafe osharak 

Armenian Pakhlava  is a patisserie  gem. These diamond-shaped parcels filled with layers of thin pastry sheets, generously packed with a walnut mixture, and liberally soaked in honey syrup.

INGREDIENTS  🟧 Phyllo dough 🧈 Clarified Butter 🌰 Walnut 🍚 Sugar 🌶️ Spice 🍯 Honey 🍋 Lemon juice

Lay the phyllo sheets on the baking pan. Brush a thin layer of clarified butter. 


Scatter the walnut mixture in an even single layer.


Cover the walnut mixture with a phyllo sheet, apply the ghee. Continue the process.


Use a sharp knife, score the pakhlava into diamond pattern.


Apply generous amount of clarified butter over the cuts.


Bake in a preheated oven until puffy and golden brown.


Pour cooled sugar-honey syrup over the hot pakhlava and let it soak overnight. 


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