Armenian Pickled Vegetables – T'too

Cafe osharak 

Do you want to know how to make Armenian pickled vegetables; otherwise known as "T'too"?  Check out our step-by-step story. T'too is packed with flavor and has a ton of health benefits.

🥬 Cabbage  🥕 Carrots   🥦 Cauliflower  🌿 Celery  🥒 Cucumber  🧄 Garlic  🍅 Green Tomatoes 🌱 String Beans 🧂 Salt


Clean and wash all the vegetables. Trim the ends, peel the carrots.


Cut the cabbage into wedges, cauliflower into chunks, and carrots into rounds or sticks.


With the cotton string, bundle the beans, celery, and carrots  together.


Arrange all the prepared vegetables in a non reactive vessel.


Make the brine by boiling with salt, water, allspice, dill and a chili pepper.  Let the brine cool.


Pour the brine over the prepared vegetables and weight them down and store in a cool place.


Arrange in small jars 

Visit the site the to get the full recipe and unlock the secrets of creating your own authentic Armenian pickle recipe.

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