Twice Baked  Eggplant Rollatini 

Cafe Osharak

Eggplant Rollatini bundles, filled with cheese blend, delicately rolled and bathed in a vibrant tomato sugo then baked to perfection.  Great for any occation.

INGREDIENTS • Eggplants • Ricotta cheese • Mozzarella • Pecorino Romano • Parsley • Sugo tomato sauce • Basil

Making cheese blend

1 |

• Drain the ricotta cheese • Shred Pecorino Romano and mozzarella cheese  • Mix all together 

Slicing the eggplants

2 |

• Using a sharp knife slice the eggplants • Alternatively use a  mandoline slicer. 

Baking eggplants

3 |

• Place the eggplant slices on a baking sheet • Brush with oil and bake in the oven

Spread cheese

4 |

• Evenly distribute the cheese blend • Spread the cheese on baked eggplant slices

Rolling the eggplants

5 |

• Roll the eggplant slices into mini bundles • Place eggplant bundles into the red sauce

Baking eggplant rolls

6 |

• Arrange baking dishes on a sheet pan • Sprinkle with cheese and bake until bubbly

Serve as a side dish Serve as an appetizer  Serve as a main course

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