Armenian Dolma

Cafe osharak 

Tpov Tolma

Indulge in the flavorful world of Armenian cuisine with  Genuine Armenian Tolma. Packed with herb and onion infused juices, this meat tolma wrapped in grape leaves always calls for celebration.

🍇 Grape leaves 🥩 Meat 🍚 Rice 🧅 Onion 🧂 Seasoning 🌿 Herb


Grind the beef,  onions and the herb. If using ground beef,  chop the onions and herbs . 


Combine the ground beef, onion, and herbs. Add the rice, and season with salt and pepper.


Prepare the grape leaves. Separate them and arrange them in the workstation.


Place the grape leaves on work surface. Put a spoonful of meat filling on top of each leave. 


Bring the leaf base over the filling and tuck it in.  Fold the sides and keep rolling into a little log.


Arrange the tolma in the pot. Place a flat plate on top of the last layer,  add hot water and cook. 


Serve tolma

Genuine Armenian tolma is traditionally served with garlic yogurt dip. As an option, plain yogurt or sour cream.

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