Nutcracker & Walnut Waffle Cookies

Cafe osharak 

Delightfully golden and crispy on the exterior, these walnut-shell cookies house bite-sized treasures filled with luxurious caramel cream, making them perfect for the holiday season.


? Eggs ? Oil ? Butter ? Baking soda ? Vinegar ? Flour ? Dulce De Leche ? Butter ?Cream Cheese

Make the dough by mixing the eggs, sugar, butter, oil, baking soda, vinegar, and flour. 


Divide the dough and roll the dough into ropes and cut into equal pieces. 


Roll each piece to form  small balls.


Using waffle iron, make the walnut shape half shell cookies. 


Make the frosting by creaming the butter and  cream cheese. Gradually mix in dulce de leche. 


Fill the cookie shell with the frosting and put two halves together. 


Excellent Gift Idea

Perfect Chrismas Cookie

Serve after dinner With coffee or hot chocolate Serve with  pastry assortments For holiday dinner, parties Present in a box as a gift

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