Mediterranean Stuffed Shells

Cafe osharak 

These Giant Cheese-Stuffed Shells echo the vibrant essence of the Mediterranean region. Stuffed with a luscious blend of cheeses, artichokes, and spinach, pungent olives and herbs.

INGREDIENT  LIST 🍝 Shell Pasta 🧀 Feta, Ricotta, Mozzarella Cheese 🌿 Spinach 🫒 Olives 🟢 Artichoke Hearts 🍅 Tomato Sauce 🧂 Spices and Seasoning 🫗 Oil

Boiling the Pasta

Bring water to a boil and add a teaspoon of salt. Add the pasta and gently stir to shuffle the shells.



Making the Filling

In a bowl, combine the cheeses, add chopped artichoke hearts, cooked spinach, and olives.


Stuffing the Shells

Take a cooked pasta shell and stuff with a spoonful of the cheese filling.


Baking stuffed shells

Oil the baking dish and spoon tomato sauce on the bottom. Arrange the stuffed shells and bake. 

Bake • Serve • Enjoy Mediterranean Stuffed Shells Find detailed recipe at

Serve family style or  In individual baking dishes Bath in extra tomato  sauce Add fresh grated cheese Serve with leafy salad

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