Heavenly Birds Milk Cake

By Cafe osharak 

 Bird's Milk Cake boasts a  distinct and unforgettable flavor and appearance. The airy and fluffy soufflé is delicately nestled between layers of honey-flavored wafer. 

 🧈 Butter 🍚 Sugar 🍯 Honey 🍎 Vinegar 🍰 Baking Soda 🥚 Egg 🍞 Flour 🥛 Milk 🍮 Gelatin 🍦 Heavy cream 🍫 Chocolate


Prepare the dough on a double boiler by melting the butter, adding sugar, honey, and eggs.


Add the flour. Whisk and fold into the batter. Let it cool down and knead until smooth.


Divide the dough into four balls. Using the rolling pin, roll into rectangle sheets.


Bake the sheets in the oven. Trim and cut to size while hot. 


Spread the buttercream between the layers. Spread a thick layer of soufflé on the second and last sheet.


Pour the chocolate glaze over the ready cake and decorate as desired. 


Visit the site to get the full recipe and unlock the secrets of creating your own Bird's Milk Cake.

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