Armenian Spinach Pie

By Cafe osharak 

 Spanakhov Nazuk

 Armenian Spinach Pie is layers of golden, flaky pastry, folded in triangle and filled with a delicious blend of spinach, feta, and herbs.

INGREDIENT  LIST Phyllo Dough Spinach & Swiss Chard Olive Oil Ghee or Melted Butter Onion or Scallion Feta Cheese Eggs Herb and Seasoning

Blanch the spinach

1 |

Blanch the spinach until wilted. Drain and let it cool. Squeeze out the liquid and finally chop the spinach.

Make the filling

2 |

Sauteé the onions and white parts of scallions. Add the spinach and cook it down. Mix in the feta and egg.

Melt the butter 

3 |

Place the butter in a sauce pan and gently heat it until the butter is fully melted.

Folding the pies

4 |

Brush the phyllo dough sheets with ghee. Place a spoonful of the filling  and fold into triangles.

Baking the pies

5 |

• Arrange the triangles on a baking sheet • Brush with egg wash and sprinkle seeds • Bake in 375°F oven

Great appetizer and snack Serve with salad or soup Serve with yogurt dip Serve with hummus